BlasCoding Kft. offers solutions for small businesses and multi national companies on both software and hardware side

Optimal solutions Scaleable team
Software Development

Software development

We can provide ideal solutions, non language dependent, for fresh ideas and even long running projects.
Hardware Development

Hardware development

The scaleable team can handle electrical hardware based instruments planing, development, implementation and firmware coding.
IT solutions

IT solutions

If any project involves IT instrument, appliance, infrastructure planing or implementation pick us.

Complete Solutions

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Need Solutions?


Projects in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and frameworks such as NodeJs, Knockout, Angular etc. Our team has tens of years of experience in these areas. So basically we can deliver the project from bottom to top with high efficiency.


Tasks or full projects are welcome also on the hardware side, not just pre-built IT instruments assembling and maintaining, but the basic hardware components, such as PCBs, FPGAs or micro controllers planing, development, implementation and maintenance of course. We provide full stack solutions.

We provide full stack and complete solutions in electronics.

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April 4, 2017

It all started with a Big Bang

BlasCoding company was born finally. Outsourcing special tasks or whole projects are becoming more and more popular nowadays, so we decided to make a quick and professional solution for this. We are only working with highly qualyfied engineers. Life is short, do not want to waste anyone's time or money. Disappointment is not acceptable for us!